Should anyone suffer a cardiac arrest whilst in the Hall then please be aware that help is at hand.  A public defibrillator is less than 100m away.  Turn right out of the main doors of the hall and immediately right again.  The Fire Station is on your left just beyond the Coaches and Horses public house.  The defibrillator is on the front wall.

How to respond to the casualty

  • Commence CPR immediately. 
  • Send someone with a mobile phone to collect the defibrillator.  They should dial 999 to the Ambulance Service whilst on the way.  The Ambulance Service will supply the code to open the defibrillator cabinet and will dispatch an ambulance.
  • When the defibrillator arrives switch it on by the button on the front of the device and follow the verbal instructions and video screen illustrations.
  • CPR is tiring.  Let others take over to share the effort.
  • Continue following the instructions until the arrival of the ambulance.

You cannot harm anyone by treating them with a defibrillator.  The device will decide if it is safe to administer a shock or shocks.  The device ascertains this through the pads which you will have attached to the patient's chest.

You CAN save a life with CPR and use of a defibrillator.

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